How do I change the language?

Luckily, this is very easily done the way Clooud was built.

If you take a look at the folder structure you will notice that in /resources/lang/ includes many language folders.

Out of the box, Clooud only supports English, so in the example I will explain to you how you can change the language from "English" to "German".

The folder structure looks as follows:

As you can see, the "en"-folder includes many more files. Copy and paste all of the non-existing ones from the "en"-folder to the "de"-folder.

Once you pasted all the files into your language folder of choice, you can start translating.

Open every single file and edit the translation variables inside.

Last but not least, if I was done editing the German language files, I would open /config/app.php and find this reference:

and change the 'locale' => 'en', variable to 'locale' => 'de'.

Now, Clooud's language is set to be German!

In case you do run into any troubles translating a langauge, do not hesitate contacting us via email at [email protected] or via a message on the marketplace. We would love to help you out!

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