Why do I receive an "Internal Server Error" message when uploading media?

This is most likely due to your PHP settings. A possible reason for this happening is:

  1. upload_max_filesize needs to be set to the max file size you would allow a each file to be.
  2. post_max_size needs to be set to the max file size you would allow during a POST.

For example, let's imagine you set you're upload_max_filesize to be 200mb and you upload 4 videos at the same time:

  1. video 1 - 180mb
  2. video 2 - 195mb
  3. video 3 - 150mb
  4. video 4 - 220mb

By setting upload_max_filesize to be 200mb video 1, 2, and 3 would successfully get uploaded. Video 4 is larger than the upload_max_filesize and this file would result in a "Internal Server Error".

Now, let's take post_max_size into consideration with the same example, but let's say post_max_size is set to be 400mb.

  1. video 1 - 180mb - will get uploaded properly
  2. video 2 - 195mb - will get uploaded properly
  3. video 3 - 150mb - will throw an "Internal Server Error", because 180mb + 195mb + 150mb is more than post_max_size which is set to 400mb
  4. video 4 - 220mb - "Internal Server Error" because upload_max_filesize is 200mb
  5. video 5 - 10mb - will get uploaded properly

If you have any other issues, do not hesitate contacting us via email at [email protected] or via a message on the marketplace. We would love to help you out!

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